'Supernatural' 'Blood Brother' Recap: Benny's Story and More From Purgatory

Supernatural season 8 continues with episode 5, Blood Brother. It begins with Benny finding Quentin and asking where he is. Quentin wont tell him but Benny kills him before facing his boys. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are trying to track down Kevin to no avail. Hes still running; Sam points out Dean did technically try to kill his mother. When Deans phone rings, he takes it outside. Its Benny, who may have come out on top in that fight, but hes not doing well. He needs one more favor.

"Blood Brother" Photo Credit: Diya Pera/The CWWhen Dean goes back inside the motel room, he tells Sam he has to go; he has to take care of personal business. Things are tense between the brothers as Dean wont tell Sam what his personal business is, but Dean reminds him he took a year off. Hes taking one day. While Dean flashes back to fighting alongside Benny in Purgatory as he drives, Sam continues to look up Kevin onlinethen begins to look up Amelia until the noise from the vent distracts him. He remembers noticing the A/C being broken in the motel he was staying at after he hit the dog and ending up fixing it. He does the same thing in the present.

Dean gets a cooler of blood bags out of a truck before finding Benny, pretty messed up. Once Bennys cleaned up and had some blood, hes looking much better. Another Purgatory flashback shows Castiel joining them. They still didnt know if Castiel could pass through the door. Purgatory wanted Dean out because hes human and Benny was born human. However, Dean wasnt going to leave Castiel behind. In the present, Benny explains that hes hunting his maker to kill him before he kills him again. Sam notices the ice machine at the motel and remembers fixing the one in the motel. After, Everett sent him to fix a sink in a roomAmelias room. She wasnt expecting him to be in there. He told her he was fixing her sink.

Benny explains to Dean that his nest fed by finding yachts, boarding, burning, and burying at sea. Vampirates, as Dean calls them. Once they figure out where his maker isPrentiss Islandthey head out, and Benny takes out a blood bag in the car. So why did his maker kill him? A maker means everything when someone is turned, and it was the same way for Benny. But the problem was that his maker was jealous and kept them apart from the HVAC sacramento world. Benny did what was best for the nest until he met Andrea. Instead of calling in her boat, he joined her and settled down. But then his maker found him and killed him. The last thing he saw was Andrea being killed. Once on the island, Dean begins to text Sam but erases it. Benny comments its weird being back, and Dean agrees. Benny is still adjusting, not sure whats real, and Dean assures him theyre real. When they enter the house, Benny picks up a photo of a woman, and she comes down the stairsits Andrea. Hes surrounded by vampires as Dean watches, hiding.

Dean ignores Sams calls as he looks around the house, and Sam returns to thinking about Amelia, remembering explaining her sink needed fixing. She thought he was leaving, and he explained he was helping out with maintenance. He noted she was living in the motel, despite being in town for three months. Dean calls Sam back, asking why he called and explaining hes cleaning out a nest with help. While Sam yells and wants to know whos helping him, Bennys chained up. Andrea sends Sorento to talk to their maker and explains he has come to trust her judgement over Sorentos. She only answers to him. After she slaps Benny, she sends the other vampires in the room awaythen kisses Benny. He blames himself, but she argues that he didnt hide anything from her. She chose him. She arms him and gives him the keys to the cuffs. He makes sure she knows hes back to stop the killing, and she tells him that after that, they can be together. Their maker wants to see Benny.

While Sams still yelling at Dean, Dean texts Sam his location and kills a vampire. His phone pays the price. Bennys maker tells him he regretted having him killed, and he decided to turn Andrea to have someone to remember him by. Meanwhile Deans taking care of vampires in the house. Another flashback shows Benny telling Dean that he was strictly on donated blood. He doesnt drink people. He started seeing something in humanity. However, he also argued that they wouldnt make it with Castiel the glowing beacon with them. But then Leviathans were on the way, and they had to run.

As Sams on his way to Dean, he remembers Dog (he didnt have a name then) running into Amelias room. After he complimented her handiwork on the stitches, she added that to the list of why he was creepy (his clothing, not going anywhere), and he commented that she didnt know where she was going either. He could tell she had no one, and she said she did, but that was gone. She knew he knew what that was like.

Though his maker thinks he had Andrea, Benny shows him that isnt true; he uncuffed himself. He beheads Sorento before facing off with his makerand coming out on top. However, when he tells Andrea, she wants them to continue his operations. What Benny loved isnt there anymore, and Dean comes up behind her and kills her. As theyre leaving the island, Benny asks why he resurrected him. A flashback shows the three facing Leviathans in Purgatoryand Benny saving Castiel. Sams waiting at the dock when they return, and he meets Benny, who leaves the brothers to talk. Sam glares at Dean.

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Photo: Diya Pera/The CW

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