Fruition Named Top SEO Company Twice in September

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fruition, based out of Denver, CO, received two awards for search and

social marketing in September. The company was named the number one "Best

SMO Companies for September 2015" by FindBestSEO

and also received a Top 10 SEM Company Award from PromotionWorld.

Fruition has been providing best-of-class SEO and social media marketing

services to clients around the nation since 2003, including expert

search engine marketing and social media optimization. Fruition topped

FindBestSEO's list of Best SMO Companies for September 2015 with a

competitor-crushing score of 99.99, driven by its reputation of quality,

results and innovation. Fruition placed in the top five for a Top 10 SEM

Company Award from PromotionWorld, which chooses winners by considering

the services offered, value, customer service, feedback and website

popularity of SEM companies.

"Providing the best service possible across all SEO and social

specializations is a point of pride for Fruition and we're glad that our

hard work, dedication to excellence and commitment to our clients is

paying off," Scott Knox, Director of Search Marketing at Fruition said.

"To be included in the top 10 best lists from these two industry-leading

websites is an honor."

About Fruition


is a full-service digital marketing agency offering services including

web and app development, design, search marketing, digital strategy,

social marketing, display media, email marketing and security services

addressing storage and privacy 1285 muscle review issues for websites, apps and overall IT

infrastructure. The agency has recently expanded its offerings to bring

SEO, social and digital messaging expertise to community and political

campaigns though Campaign Fruition.

Founded in 2003, Fruition is a leader in digital services including

search, social, public relations, web development, mobile apps and

digital signage. The Colorado company was recently named one of the "Top

Digital Marketing Agencies in Denver." It was also recently listed

in INC 5000's "America's Fastest Growing Private Companies."

Fruition is a registered service mark.


'Supernatural' 'Blood Brother' Recap: Benny's Story and More From Purgatory

Supernatural season 8 continues with episode 5, Blood Brother. It begins with Benny finding Quentin and asking where he is. Quentin wont tell him but Benny kills him before facing his boys. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are trying to track down Kevin to no avail. Hes still running; Sam points out Dean did technically try to kill his mother. When Deans phone rings, he takes it outside. Its Benny, who may have come out on top in that fight, but hes not doing well. He needs one more favor.

"Blood Brother" Photo Credit: Diya Pera/The CWWhen Dean goes back inside the motel room, he tells Sam he has to go; he has to take care of personal business. Things are tense between the brothers as Dean wont tell Sam what his personal business is, but Dean reminds him he took a year off. Hes taking one day. While Dean flashes back to fighting alongside Benny in Purgatory as he drives, Sam continues to look up Kevin onlinethen begins to look up Amelia until the noise from the vent distracts him. He remembers noticing the A/C being broken in the motel he was staying at after he hit the dog and ending up fixing it. He does the same thing in the present.

Dean gets a cooler of blood bags out of a truck before finding Benny, pretty messed up. Once Bennys cleaned up and had some blood, hes looking much better. Another Purgatory flashback shows Castiel joining them. They still didnt know if Castiel could pass through the door. Purgatory wanted Dean out because hes human and Benny was born human. However, Dean wasnt going to leave Castiel behind. In the present, Benny explains that hes hunting his maker to kill him before he kills him again. Sam notices the ice machine at the motel and remembers fixing the one in the motel. After, Everett sent him to fix a sink in a roomAmelias room. She wasnt expecting him to be in there. He told her he was fixing her sink.

Benny explains to Dean that his nest fed by finding yachts, boarding, burning, and burying at sea. Vampirates, as Dean calls them. Once they figure out where his maker isPrentiss Islandthey head out, and Benny takes out a blood bag in the car. So why did his maker kill him? A maker means everything when someone is turned, and it was the same way for Benny. But the problem was that his maker was jealous and kept them apart from the HVAC sacramento world. Benny did what was best for the nest until he met Andrea. Instead of calling in her boat, he joined her and settled down. But then his maker found him and killed him. The last thing he saw was Andrea being killed. Once on the island, Dean begins to text Sam but erases it. Benny comments its weird being back, and Dean agrees. Benny is still adjusting, not sure whats real, and Dean assures him theyre real. When they enter the house, Benny picks up a photo of a woman, and she comes down the stairsits Andrea. Hes surrounded by vampires as Dean watches, hiding.

Dean ignores Sams calls as he looks around the house, and Sam returns to thinking about Amelia, remembering explaining her sink needed fixing. She thought he was leaving, and he explained he was helping out with maintenance. He noted she was living in the motel, despite being in town for three months. Dean calls Sam back, asking why he called and explaining hes cleaning out a nest with help. While Sam yells and wants to know whos helping him, Bennys chained up. Andrea sends Sorento to talk to their maker and explains he has come to trust her judgement over Sorentos. She only answers to him. After she slaps Benny, she sends the other vampires in the room awaythen kisses Benny. He blames himself, but she argues that he didnt hide anything from her. She chose him. She arms him and gives him the keys to the cuffs. He makes sure she knows hes back to stop the killing, and she tells him that after that, they can be together. Their maker wants to see Benny.

While Sams still yelling at Dean, Dean texts Sam his location and kills a vampire. His phone pays the price. Bennys maker tells him he regretted having him killed, and he decided to turn Andrea to have someone to remember him by. Meanwhile Deans taking care of vampires in the house. Another flashback shows Benny telling Dean that he was strictly on donated blood. He doesnt drink people. He started seeing something in humanity. However, he also argued that they wouldnt make it with Castiel the glowing beacon with them. But then Leviathans were on the way, and they had to run.

As Sams on his way to Dean, he remembers Dog (he didnt have a name then) running into Amelias room. After he complimented her handiwork on the stitches, she added that to the list of why he was creepy (his clothing, not going anywhere), and he commented that she didnt know where she was going either. He could tell she had no one, and she said she did, but that was gone. She knew he knew what that was like.

Though his maker thinks he had Andrea, Benny shows him that isnt true; he uncuffed himself. He beheads Sorento before facing off with his makerand coming out on top. However, when he tells Andrea, she wants them to continue his operations. What Benny loved isnt there anymore, and Dean comes up behind her and kills her. As theyre leaving the island, Benny asks why he resurrected him. A flashback shows the three facing Leviathans in Purgatoryand Benny saving Castiel. Sams waiting at the dock when they return, and he meets Benny, who leaves the brothers to talk. Sam glares at Dean.

Whatd you think of Supernatural season 8 episode 5 Blood Brother?

Photo: Diya Pera/The CW

Meredith Jacobs 2012


Efficient Air Conditioning Service In Davie

By: AC Repair Davie

Being a house owner or being a commercial place owner with many devices or equipment, you know that it is mandatory to keep the equipment of your house or workplace work efficiently. However, are you aware that poorly maintained equipment can charge you more in both energy as well as repairs in an emergency! When the temperature and humidity get soaring high in the cities of Florida, your air conditioner at home and/or centralized air conditioner at the workplace is the more apparent device to go out of service. However, with proper servicing and awareness, you can stay away from the emergency repair as well as frequent maintenance of your air conditioner.

If you avoid regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit, your AC can turn out to be one of the biggest electricity consumers that can cost you a large amount of money. Well, you can prevent such situation with the help of the trustworthy AC repair Davie services. The technicians of the company ensure to protect not only your bucks but also the energy consumption.

To service and maintain your AC service regularly to avoid AC problems in the future, AC repair Davie is one of the most owned company of the Davie. The air conditioning units that has been serviced regularly or are maintained properly have eventually shown to give fewer problems and also function smoothly. Because of any reason, if you fail to service your AC regularly with a reputed AC repair Davie service provider, then you would either need to change your AC unit to a new one or it would cost you a large amount of money.

While choosing a company for servicing your Air Conditioning Unit, you need to check that the company is trustworthy in the locality. Get in touch with the most recommended AC Repair Davie company that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can get help in emergency hours as well. AC repair Davie service provider fixes the AC the same day and with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Moreover, the technicians are highly qualified, certified and are insured and offers services that perfectly fixes your old AC and make it work like a new one. The AC services range from AC installation to its maintenance and fits everyones budget. At a competitive price, you can get perfect servicing and repair for your AC unit which will make your AC work like a new AC unit, thus saving your time and money.

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Where to Locate Reliable Home Windows as well as Doors Substitute Specialist In The golden state

When searching for a great home improvement job, replacing your vinyl windows is a great choice.

There are several fantastic benefits of replacement home windows including boosted energy performance of your home, boosted resale value, greater convenience, and also lower maintenance. Right here is more details about the perks of window replacement.

Silly Dog Won't Come Inside Until Owners Open Invisible Door

Miley Cyrus and Robbin Thicke

Debbie Babybear:Babybear was watching the VMA awards and decided to do a little role-playing with her doggie before she humped

Cattledog Batman

Bune Carter-Daly:Sydney thinks she would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck

Honey Boo Boo and Sugar Bear

Nicola Catherine Hobby:This is Coco and Rocco as Honey Boo Boo and Sugar Bear. They are going for the Ultimate Grand Supreme title!!

Biscuit the Great's Halloween Costume

Crystal Santana:Excuse me sir, do you have any Grey Po...wait a second! Having a Bichon, it only made sense to play on all the words of Grey Poupon mustard!

Snooki and Pauly D. from The Jersey Shore

HuffPost Blogger Catherine Taibi:Rocco and Pebbles show their Jersey pride

Walter Belvedere is a Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz!

Sue Woltze:Walter B the Flying Monkey

Rocco and Pebbles in Star Wars

HuffPost Blogger Catherine Taibi:May the force be with you.

Hank the Toucan

terigard:Hank the puppy attends Wagoween as a toucan!

Thrash the Turkey

Thrash is ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving

Batman Cooper

Laurie Mizuno:Cooper the New Batman

Ferocious Dragon

Teddy Dog

He REALLY doesn't want to be a bear.

Snooki pug!

JoAnn Schwerthofer:

Frenchie-gator - Super G Skeletor-Lola Bean

Jennifer Ketels-Little:Super G Lola Bean

Stop by our FB page for a visit!

xoxo -

Cows: Lexi and Cooper Grazing

Laurie Mizuno:2 Cow Grazing French Bulldogs: Lexi and Cooper


AlanScott:smooth criminal Huxlei

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Jillian Lanzi:Zara (miniature Australian shepherd) is dressed as a pumpkin for her first Halloween.

Hey Jack!

Lucy Marra-Stanley:

Neville Longbottom

Peyton Amanda Lawrence:Neville the pug in a Gryffindor robe

Monster Mop

cinful:Monster Mop Dog is not thrilled

Doctor Who's real name is Blitzen

gothscifigirl:Blitzen, American Eskimo age 17 years as the Eleventh Doctor, costume made by me.

CATerpillar Cat


Ballerina Sphynx

Lely Archilla:My ballerina girl is dressed up and ready to dance!

Witchy Woof

KatDunlap:Rufio is wickedly WOOFtastic!

Shuggie as

Brice Rosenbloom:Shuggie as "The Brooklyn Barkclays Center", a dog mounted model of the Barclays center made of Birch Bark... bark, bark!

Shuggie as Joe The Plumber fixes Fort Greene Park's doggie water fountain

Brice Rosenbloom:Shuggie as Joe The Plumber fixes Fort Greene Park's doggie water fountain, wins 1st place in the Fort Greene Pupkin Costume contest.

When You Wish Upon A Star...

Moon Pieds:The Moon Pieds, Barbie as CInderella, Midge as Snow White, Skipper as Tinkerbell and Franklin as Mickey Mouse. Find us on Facebook!

gigicallie:Happy Halloween from Gigi in South Florida!


KatDunlap:Rufio the CaveDog is feeling ancient!

Shuggie as hot air balloon pilot

Brice Rosenbloom:Shuggie as hot air balloon pilot, wins honorable mention in the 2009 Fort Greene Pupkin Costume contest.

Shuggie as Nipper the RCA dog

Brice Rosenbloom:Shuggie as Nipper the RCA dog, wins 3rd place in the 2007 Fort Greene Pupkin Costume contest

Lil Monster

Germanylicious:Lil Monster




Lauren Trussell:

Pumpkin Halloween Sweater

Germanylicious:Pumpkin Halloween Sweater

Biker Sphynx

Lely Archilla:Like her biker girl is ready to ride!

Shuggie as A Tree Growls in Brooklyn

Brice Rosenbloom:Shuggie as A Tree Growls in Brooklyn, 1st place winner in the 2010 Fort Greene Pupkin Costume contest.

Bruno the French chef


Milo the Pirate!

Anna Schweissinger:I somehow managed to get my cat to keep the pirate hat on his head long enough to snap a picture. Happy Halloween mateys!


KatDunlap:Halloween is Rufio's favorite time of the year

CHEERful Pup

KatDunlap:Rufio CHEERS for Halloween!


KatDunlap:FrankenRufio LIVES!

Miss Lilly

mrman:You PROMISED I could be Beyonce#$$

Dust it off little french maid!

Jessica Minch:Coco the Dachshund is ready to clean your apartment @thedailycupofcoco

Baaahhh Baahhhh Sheep Dog!

Jessica Minch:Coco the Dachshund dresses as a Sheep!

Frankenstein Frenchie

This French bulldog is monstrously cute.

Ernie The French Bulldog

Manny the Frenchie as Sesame Street's Ernie.

Tiny Taco Pup

Tiny Charlie dressed up as a mini taco.

Pumpkin Pug

Jeremy Veach's pug is all pumpkin-ed out.

Batman Robin Dogs

Gotta love this fearsome twosome.

Bee Cat

This is a bee cat.

Ghost Dog

This is a ghost dog.

Elvis Pugsley

Pug does rock roll.

Lobster Cat

Nom nom. Lobster cat.

Pumpkin Pooch

Manny the French bulldog dons pumpkin chapeau.

Ewok Pooch

"May the fuzz be with you."

Bunny or Guinea Pig?!

Bunny the guinea pig is adorably confused.

Chihuahua Clownfish

What happens when chihuahuas and clownfish collide?

Turtle Dog

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Frenchie"

Cat In The Hat

A nod to Dr. Seuss.

Papal Pooch

Pup as pope.

Shark Cat

Cat as shark.

Monster Bulldog

This bulldog makes one handsome monster.

Hot Dogs

Hot dog dogs!

Monkey Pup

This cute pooch named Lionel is driving us bananas.

Mini Monster Pooch


Hipster Dog

Instagram star Digby Van Winkle sure is stylish!

Elephant Dog

Roo the dog may not be all that thrilled with this elephant costume.

Rainbow Pup

Championing his LGBT friends, Trotter the French bulldog is a vision in white.

Dinosaur Kitty

Spangles the cross-eyed cat dresses up as a toothy dino.

Guinea Pig Wizard

Now that's one magical guinea pig.

Hot Dog Cat

This is a hot dog cat.

Sweet Peas Pup

Roux the chihuahua is one sweet pea!

Lion Dog

This leonine pooch, featured on Petsmart's Instagram page, is making our heart ache!

Cowboy Frenchie

Sir Charles Barkley, the French bulldog, channels Toy Story's Woody.

Amie Black:Rescue dogs Gigi and Deedee celebrate the political season.

Honey Boo Boo Dog

A dolla makes her holla.

Pumpkin the Rabbi

Eileenbiz:Pumpkin is a nine year old rescue. He did not like being dressed up, as you can see from his expression. He was adopted from Almost Home, a no-kill shelter in Southfield, Michigan

Meta Pug

He forgot to buy a costume!

Dog Thor

He's saving the world one dog biscuit at a time.

Donald Trump

No treats? You're fired!

Super Kitties!


Zombie Tortoise

Tish McCully:Six year old George - the Zombie Tortoise

OOps ......Where is my broom

Kudo Sun:OOps...... Where is my broom

Big Bird Dog

Big Bird is hard up for some cash.

Pet Waldo Costume

We found him!

Keddy the football player

aptmoore2012:Keddy the football player


We hope this dog gets a lot of treats for enduring this costume.

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming


Batman Dog Costumes

He's got a dark past.

Advice Meme Dog

Just add advice.

Katy Perry Dog

She's a California dog.

Dorothy Dog

He's about to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Dog Space Shuttle

Shh... No one told him they ended the space program.

Snooki Dog

This dog bought so many bump-its!

Target Dog

If you have this type of dog you've got one great last-minute costume idea.

Cat Rice Krispie

"I am not amused."

Madonna Dog

He's been practicing his vogue for weeks.

Hannibal Dog

Would a dog ever eat fava beans?

Cat Bear

If you look up "precious" in the dictionary, you find this picture.

Dog Lady Gaga

She was born this way.

Pirate Dog

Arrrr... ya taking me for walkies?

Dog Elvis

We can't help but feel this costume would be better on a hound dog.

Bacon Shortage Dog

It's probably only because of Bacon Bits that the bacon shortage didn't happen sooner.

Tebow Dog

It's really hard to get a dog to do the Tebow pose.

Marilyn Dog

You don't get it, this dog is just really into "Smash."

Pooh Dog

Too cute.

Replacement Ref

He's read the rulebook.

Mini Gaga

Jackie Huba:Mini reprises Gaga's infamous red lace costume from the MTV VMA's.

Taxi Dog

"Who's going to the airport?"

Shuggie The Hot Air Balloon Dog!

(Thanks Brice!)


SarahDarerLitt:This costume, I like it not. Completely insane, my person is. Yesssss.

Pickle Banana Split

fruitcvrdnails:Pickle disguised as a banana split.

Pee-Wee's Playhouse.


Cowboy As

Halloween 2010 (From Diana M)

Straight from the NYC Streets

dkrose:An all-American weiner

Chester the Chicken

Jennifer Livesay:

Darth Vader Kitty

You don't know the power of the dark side of the furs. (via

Cowboy Hamster/Guinea Pig Horse

One word: Adorable. (via Reddit)

Antoine Dogson

Because of course. (via Reddit)

Last-Minute USS Enterprise

Hey, you've got to do something with your recyclables. (via Reddit)

Wonder Woman Dog

Pugs just take this costumed pet thing to a whole new level, don't they? (Via Clara The Cool)

Snake Bait

He has no idea what's going on. (via Reddit)

Teen Wolf

Michael J. Fox has nothing on this hound! (Via Winnie Wong)

Nyan Cat

It's supposed to be a cherry Pop-Tart but we'll let it slide. (via Reddit)

The Headless Dogsman

You remember the story of Ichadog Fang, right? (via Great White Snark)

Palin Pup

She used to be mayor of Wagsila. (via AP)


We get a laugh and the dog just thinks you put another sweater on him. Win win!

iPhone Pup

Cute, but do we really need to remind ourselves of these gadgets we should probably be avoiding on Halloween? (via Cute Overload)

Joe The Plumber

Just in time for election season, it's Joe The Plumber (Dog)! (via Funky Downtown)

Rainbow Hedgehog

We don't remember this version of Sonic.

Pirate Pug

Arrrr you going to give me a bone?


Someone call Tron Guy and tell him he's fired. (via Reddit)

Fast Food

So cute we could eat them up! (Via Next Thing)

Oompa Loompa Dog

In the Tim Burton remake, every one of this costume was recalled and replaced by Deep Roy. (via WTF Costumes)

Pimp Pup

You think he's good, you should see his pawstitutes. (via Inventor Spot)

Gator Pug

Down in Cajun country, this is the only permissible costume. (via imageshack)

Giraffe Dog

What is it about making animals dress like other animals that is so appealing? (via

Taco Dog!

¡Este perro probablemente odia este traje! (via Buy Costumes)

They're A-Peeling!

In case your Halloween party is desperately lacking in potassium. (via DBA-Oracle)

Hello, Kitty!

All we can say is (*^_^*) (via

Pups Robbers

Bringing the law into the age-old battle between cats and dogs. (via GraphicsHunt)

Baked Pug-tato

This dog doesn't care how cute he is -- he just wants an excuse to be near steak. (via

Tiger Dog

The mailman is really going to freak out this time. (via Oddball Daily)

They're On A Roll!

Who'd have thought that Japanese cuisine and dogs would equal the cutest thing ever? (via AP)

Lion Dog

Simba, one day this will all be yours...

Least Scary Cerberus Ever

If he's guarding Hades, sign us up!

(via Ruling Cats and Dogs)

Pug In A Blanket!

Silly pug! You're not fooling anyone!

(via Atoms On Broadway)

Wet Wild

Tell us how your life will ever be the same after viewing doggy flippers.


Flower Power

We don't even want to ask what kind of pollination happened for this to occur.

(via AP)

It's Ruff Out There

Just one more thing for this basset hound to be glum about.

(via Gwally)

Hot Dog!

No matter how many times we see this costume, it never isn't awesome.

Hulk Dog Smash!

Let's make sure this guy gets his treat. (via The Social Newspaper)

Skunk Pup

I think I saw a cartoon about this once... (via flickr)

Jersey Girl

She'll be on the "Jersey Shore" in no time. (via Funny Junk)


The beer belly is a nice touch. (via Oddee)


It's the oldest costume in the book, yes, but these pups get points for poise. (via Funky Downtown)

Four-Pawed Penguin

Don't worry, kitty, you'll get your own Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary one day. (via Halloween Pet Costumes)

Antar as a pirate

Hoda Bleik Bizri:


Hoda Bleik Bizri:

Zoozi and Abla

Hoda Bleik Bizri:

Pug Vader

BrettM:The truth behind the mask.

Bumble Pug

Ronp:I was just looking for some flowers to pee on

Napoleon the Chihuahua as Napoleon Bonaparte


Our Buddha

Cynthia Viejo:The king of Rock Roll Elvis Presley

Bumblebee and Minnie

Mike Kopish:

Wonder Lucy!

Natasha Richmond:Fighting crime has never looked so cute!

Super Dog


bat woman



Natasha Richmond:Peace...

Bumblebee and Minnie

Mike Kopish:

lobster chef

simone krist:cookin' the dinner

Tie Fighter Lexi!

Stardust88:coolest tie fighter ever!


Luisito Gopez:Noelle the Lobster.

Astro Pavarotti


Ricky Bobby

hotpinkmeg32:If you ain't first,Your last!

Just Beat It

:Smooth criminal.

Play-pug, of-course w/ bunny ears!

blackfriday1978:Kill two birds in one stone, worked both Halloween and Easter!!

Lobster Chloe

Katie Holick:Chloe loves this costume so much that as soon as it was removed...she chewed the eye off.


Larry the Avenger:

Angel the Pumpkin

Callie Barker:

Lobster Kitty!

Stacy Pezzola:Burton in his lobster costume :)

Trust me...

Faye Moss:I may have a devilish grin but I'm an angel at heart!




Kristy Pace:

Roofie Doofie the Faery

MaydayPictures:My sweet Roofie Doofie.



Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle

EmilyElizabethClifford:...hero in a half-shell. Turtle Power!

The Big P

Marley B:Arrrrrr

Lucha pup


Vladimir the Pharaoh Kitten


tiger scooter

Scooter Snide:

Count Catula!

Kari Sachs:I want to suck your blood?

Wait- do you have any tuna?


Chelley Emmons:I'll get you my pretty....and your little dog, too! Wait...


jennors:Ella and Loki in their natural habitat

Doctor Who's real name is Blitzen

gothscifigirl:Blitzen, American Eskimo age 17 years as the Eleventh Doctor, costume made by me.

Lady Pug and Bumble Pug

redijenny:They look like they like wearing them no?

De Niro


Riley the Punk Dog

Tamara RamosSadel:

Toby the Space Pup

Kiddy Ladd:

BOXER Family photo

peaceloveb:Hippie, pimp and batman : )


Adrienne Minor-wheeler:Luna in disguise !

Frankie, the new sheriff in town!

Leigh LopezCummins:do I really need to wear this hat?





Gizmo the Pilgrim!

KimmyFabulous:Gizmo the Pilgrim!

Princess Lainey

Ruler of all things candy!


KimmyFabulous:Disco Pom!

Dexter the boxer

peaceloveb:He even has that "I'm gonna kick your butt" look.

Frankie Bad to the Bone Biker



KimmyFabulous:Disco Pom!


Patrick Hottovy:


KimmyFabulous:Merry Gizmas!

Rodeo Ruthie

ebaker115:I promise Ruthie isn't embarrassed, she's just in character!

Wheeker Claus

Hilary Price:Mr Wheekers spreads joy all year round in his favorite outfit.

Santa Joey

jcjonas:Ho ho ho

Mommy's little Angel

mapsure:Costume contest at the Hi Tor Animal Shelter event 2011

Save the Cheer Leader. Save the World

David Um Nakase:

Leia as Dracula

Friedrick:I vant to suck your blood

Tiko the elephant



HuffPost Blogger Katie Tate:Shaelee as a bunch of grapes!


123jas:This is Dogicula!

Arrrrr Matey


May the force be with you

Friedrick:Wishbone was thrilled to get the call that she was to play Princess Leia

Ignatius and Evangeline

nolagal11:A monkey and her banana.

Ghostbuster Gabe Slimer (aka Holly)

zanoniash:Our son wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween last year he decided that our dog, Holly, should be Slimer. My very creative hubby mixed food coloring water in a spray bottle and made our Red Heeler a green one! And for fun, he opened a few glow sticks (100% non-toxic safe) sprayed the glow stuff on her. (She got a bath that night!) We were the talk of the neighborhood!

Tallulah the She Devil

Becca Ingrassia:Tallulah the She Devil

Tucker, the Life Saver


A Wolf in Sheep's clothing

Lauren Bowers:

Cowboy Diesel


Molly as her arch nemesis!

Laura Banda:Squirrel!!!



Playboy Bunny Sebby


Buddy n Joey clowning around

Diane Sarlo:

Molly The Pirate!

remgenman:Arr! There's a Pirate in the Yard Arm!



Maximus as Daredevil


Aliens have LANDED!!

kkdag:Aliens in a silver ship have landed...Green aliens are all around us!

Tedibear from Andromeda is here and wants us to take them ANYWHERE!

Red Devil



dsutterm:NASA North American Squirrelers Agency

Jamie the Witch

Erica Leigh:

Doggy GaGa Red Lace Costume

vic vas:ra ra ra la la o la

Hot Dog!

Angie Nickell:Tank the Pomapoo is a hot dog.

Rock of Love

Shirley Kurata:Boo thinks he can score some trashy felines if he dresses like Bret Michaels.

The Great Pumpkitty

surgeonmarta:Waldoze is not amused with his Pumpkin costume.

ralphie the puggle's harry potter glasses

noel926:ralphie the puggle looks hardly elated with his harry potter glasses



Dogasaurus Rex

govnuh trout:

Pug in a pumpkin patch

pugdog:Pug in a pumpkin patch

Tiger Shark

Jerrod Lemaster:

Hot Dog in a Bun

TamaraSymonds:My doxie... her name is "Frankie Footer"

Aye Chihuahua!

Lynn Polke:Lulu shows her best side!

I'm an old cowhand




Dinosaur Kitty

Brianne Lacey:

Hot Dog Hound


puggy pirate!


Devil Cat

Meca Van Buren from Atlanta, GA

Beatrice as Dr. Horrible



Shirley Kurata:Boo is Boo-witched!

Killer Min Pin

some11:Super Scary


Rhian Non:velociRILO!

Kermit the Bully

Noelle FredetteGrayson:

Turtle Digby!

Lindsay Curtis:Digby our Yorki-Poo masquerading as a turtle!

Dairy Pug

JTWynn:Dairy Pug

Olivia Newton Lola

GBDevents:Let's Get Physical

Where's my red booties


Count Dracula



phddd:Fights crime for cookies.

Lenny 2011

leftfieldleftie:God Save the Queen

Pimp Tank

kristibreivik:Tank the Pimp Rottie

Skye Croman

gymswim:March of the Penguins!

Riley as The Lorax.. and a tree


Dice FL

hh6641:Wonder Woman

Rapscallion Ruby





imyourkatiek:Destroyer of evil (and all of my furniture).

Bueatuios Bitsy

Diane Bonfiglio Garrant:Boooo Happy Halloween...kisses Bitsy Girly Girl

IG's in costume

bigpixsure:Italina Greyhound Costume parade at Purina Farms St. Louis, Mo

Ferbie the caterpiller


Little Jerry of the Vegas Pug Club as Elvis

ARoselle:Pugga Pugga burnin' love!

King Puglsey


MinPin Wedding

Rene Ross:

Aspen and Nuebie (B.B.Wolf and Lil Red)

cal3301:B.B.Wolf and Lil Red



Lafite Goes to Oz

weebarona:Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Happy Halloween

LK Schilling:Although loving and kind, our boy is none too impressed to be a sailor this year. He says, not funny, he hates water.

Zane dressed for Oktoberfest


Howdy Partners

gigicallie:Treats please?

Honey Boo Boo Child

gabriellagrawl:My cat dressed up as honey boo boo!

Mopey pumpkin

hjkim258:Malja is a little camera shy today.


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